Online training course Managing risks efficiently





Takeaways from this training course


Knowledge in the fields : risk management missions, organization, nature of work, reporting

Techniquesfor identifying and measuring risks : detectability, severity, occurrence

Tools implementation for effective risk management systems

Solutionsfor optimizing general risks management and internal control system


Training Programm


Module 1 – Risk : General presentation

Defining risk

Concept of risks, danger and threats

Companies inherent risks

Risk management : objectives, organization, information system

Risk management’s good practices


Module 2 – Identifying and assessing risks

Methodology for risk identification

Criteria and risk assessment

Risk mapping

ISO 31000 frame for risk analysis

Risk cost


Module 3 – Managing risks

Risk hedging strategies

Risk management tools

Risk management (permanent control, compliance, periodic control)

Risk management : rising awareness and training

Business Continuity Plan (PCA) and Business Recovery Plan (PRA)

Success and failure factors in risk management


Module 4 – Identifying and

Risk governance

Setting up a monitoring and alerting system

Creating “dedicated to risk management” dashboards

Establishing a risk control plan

Crisis management

Risk management and strategic opportunities

Educational tools


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Training materials sent by email

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Telephone support and assistance in order to answer questions

Final validation test for training achievements




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